Technology Links

This page has not yet been updated for the 2018-2019 club year. It may contain out of date information.

Girls Who Code Clubs rely on several pieces of technology for the club to run smoothly. Below are some of the technologies we use. All of these resources are free to club participants.

Girls Who Code HQ

GWC HQ ( is the central educational website in a Girls Who Code Club. Tutorials, project ideas, design practices and more are all stored at GWC HQ for accessibility and ease.

Coding Environments

Student get practice using a variety of coding environments throughout the year:
  • Codesters - A self-paced environment for learning Python and creating personal projects. Requires an account and password.
  • - A cloud coding environment supporting multiple languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, C++, and more.
  • Khan Academy - Used for live programming/editing, sharing code, and video resources. 
  • ProcessingJS - API used to enhance assignments
  • JSFiddle - Used for building websites and sharing code 
  • Fluid UI - Live editor used for building storyboarding/wireframing and building websites 

Instructor Forums

Piazza is a tool for GWC Club instructors across the country to get support from each other and from the national GWC curriculum and teaching teams throughout the year. Piazza is for instructors only (sorry, students).