Mobile Development, Day 5

Hopper section: Friday, March 27, Lovelace section: Monday, April xx.

Plan for the Day

  • Opening circle
  • Discussion: Open Source

  • Level 1
    • Review publishing logistics
      • Building an .apk file
      • Exporting the source code (.aia file)

    • Publish your 8-Ball projects to the Newton GWC site.

    • Build a new project!
      • Dream up a cool Android app
      • Sketch out the screens and their appearance
      • Identify the major functionality and components needed
      • Run your idea by an instructor
      • Start building.

    • Try one of these if you have trouble coming up with an idea:
      • Share text and/or files from your app to GMail, Twitter, etc.
      • Collect your friends addresses and plot them all on a map
      • Where's my car? Click when you park, find on a map later
      • Arcade game: Space Attack, Whack-a-Mole, Mars Rover lander.
      • Shared take-out order creation -- great for a party.
      • Check on my stocks: create a portfolio, get real-time values for it.
      • Dance plotter: put the tablet on the floor, dance around, see a trace of your steps
      • Metronome: count out beats, emphasize a down-beat, adjust the tempo
      • Ear trainer: Play out notes or chords, ask the user to identify them.

  • Level 2
    • Continue work in the Mobile QuizApp
    • If you finish, start working on an AppInventor QuizApp

  • Sharing time - 5 project presentations from students who will miss April 3.
    • Show the app in action
    • Display the code that implements it.
    • Call out the two most important blocks.

  • Closing circle

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