Meeting 9 pre-work

Welcome to our final week of Summer Coding 2016! It's been a great summer, with lots of learning and camaraderie. I think coding is something that is learned best when it's learned with others as a craft, and not just a science.

Most students should have the goal of completing the challenges of Problem Set 2 (if you're still on PSet1 or have moved on to PSet3, I'll trust you to identify good pre-work from earlier weeks of this website or directly from the CS50x site). The pre-work for this week is to review the videos for the key components of those challenges: strings, command-line arguments, input-output, and character-functions. There's a lot of videos listed below, almost all of them repeats from earlier in the summer. Focus on the topics where your understanding is murkier.
Please try to spend at least 1 hour on pre-work before our next meeting.
    For the videos, I encourage you to pause, rewind, and replay parts that you find confusing or don''t understand the first time. You might also try practicing by typing in the same code that the lecturer types so you start to get "muscle memory" in your fingers.

    Here's the work for this week.