Meeting 5 pre-work

This week's pre-work is drawn from Week 2 of the CS50x course. Don't worry if you haven't finished Problem Set 1 yet, much of the information is helpful and relevant. On the other hand, if you haven't done all the pre-work for Meetings 0-4, you might consider doing those before doing this pre-work if you find this confusing.

Please try to spend at least 1-2 hours on pre-work before our next meeting.
    For the videos, I encourage you to pause, rewind, and replay parts that you find confusing or don''t understand the first time. You might also try practicing by typing in the same code that the lecturer types so you start to get "muscle memory" in your fingers.

    Here's the work for this week. It looks like a lot of material, but each of these videos are just a couple of minutes each. 
    Please don't hesitate to email me for help with questions or code before our next class. I am also frequently on Google Hangouts -- try chatting with me for faster response.