Video Games, Day 4

Hopper section: Friday, January 16, 2015; Lovelace section: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Plan for the day

  • Opening Circle -- Features and product development
  • L1
    • Continue programming basic game and/or bonuses.
    • Publish game to club studio -- put "Final" in its name.

  • L2
    • Review of overlap / touching geometry. Overlap worksheet  Overlap rule tester
    • Finish collision logic for ball with paddle.
    • Finish collision logic for ball with bricks. Make the bricks disappear when struck!
    • Make sure your program is in the Club Khan Academy studio -- put "Final" in its name.

  • L1 & L2 Submit game to GWC national unit using this form.
    The club ID number is 542.
    The assignment name is 1.2 Video Game Lab or 2.2 Brick Breaker Lab.

    If you worked with a partner on the project, each member of the project group should make a separate submission of the same code under her own name. Partnering is expected, but each student will have her own opinions on how enjoyable and difficult the project was, so please submit separately. 

    If you created multiple, different, completed projects for the same unit, please do submit them all separately.

  • Student project presentations
    • Give a basic walkthrough of the code.
    • Talk about their biggest challenges.
    • Highlight the coolest thing you learned.

  • Closing Circle


Level 1 Lesson

Level 2 Lesson

Level 3 Lesson


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