Impact Projects

This is an archived page for the 2016-2017 Club Year.

At the core of a Girls Who Code Club is the CS Impact Project, where girls learn to use computer science to solve a problem relevant to their school and community. Through this CS Impact Project, girls expand their problem solving and computational thinking skills. They leave the Club with an appreciation for how they can use this way of thinking to impact their everyday lives. 

The Tuesdays 2016 section of the club is building an odd-jobs website to allow Newton teenagers to find jobs they can do around their neighborhoods to help busy Newton adults. Here's the link to our in-development project: [LINK NEEDED]

The Fridays 2016 section of the club is building a website about animal abuse awareness and information. Users can find useful information on this topic and can take a quiz to test their awareness about animal abuse. The club is also hoping to provide a cruelty-free product lookup feature if possible. The in-development project link will be available here soon.