Mobile Development Day 2

Hopper section: Friday, March 6, Lovelace section: Monday, March 30.

Plan for the Day

  • Opening circle
  • Review set up logistics
  • Continue / Finish beginner tutorials
  • Divide and conquer
    • Open this spreadsheet. It's just a listing of these AppInventor concept cards.
    • Pick a topic to explore. Claim it by filling in Column C.
    • Read the concept card, fill out relevant drawers in Column B.
    • Build a toy project that illustrates your topic in action.
    • Download your toy onto your tablet as a stand-alone app.

  • Sharing time: 2 minute demos of the components.
    • Show the app in action
    • Display the code that implements it.
    • Call out the two most important blocks.

  • Tear down logistics
    • Save work
    • Pack up tablets

  • Closing circle

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