Meeting 1 pre-work

Please watch the following videos before Meeting 1. They will get you ready to tackle the Smart Water and Itsa Mario coding problems in class during Meeting 1.

There's about 90 minutes of raw video here. If you watch it on double speed it might take less time, if you watch it on slowed-down speed, or if you view difficult sections a few times, it might take you more time. 
    • Watch all of Week 1 lecture. No need to watch "Week 1 lecture, continued" yet. Don't worry if you don't entirely understand the lectures -- come to class and ask questions. 

    • Watch the first 9 (nine!) "Week 1 > Walk through" videos. They are pretty short, typically 2-4 minutes. You might try following along with your coding windows as he goes and typing these in yourself. Here are the 9 to watch:
      • hello-0
      • hello-1
      • hello-2
      • adder-1
      • conditions-0
      • conditions-1
      • nonswitch
      • switch
      • positive
Note that I changed this list of suggested videos 3 hours after the end of Meeting 0. If the list looks different, it's because it is! This list should be a better match for us at this stage.