Submitting Completed Assignments

Students should submit their completed assignments at the end of each unit using this form. The club ID number is 542.

If you worked with a partner on the project, each member of the project group should make a separate submission of the same code under her own name. Partnering is expected, but each student will have her own opinions on how enjoyable and difficult the project was, so please submit separately. 

If you created multiple, different, completed projects for the same unit, please do submit them all separately.

Club Mailing List

The club has a moderated Google Groups mailing list:
Club members can view mailing list archives at:!forum/newtongwc2014

Attendance Tracker

Submit aggregate attendance numbers using this form

Getting Started (Unit 1 only)

Students attending the club in-person for the first time should follow the steps listed on this Getting Started page.