Meeting 1 notes


  • Re-introduce ourselves, meet new students.
  • Get new students up and running.
  • Address questions from the Meeting 1 pre-work videos.
  • Successfully use a function from the CS50 library.
  • Complete the Smart Water challenge from Problem Set 1.
  • Stretch goal: Complete the Itsa Mario challenge from pset1.
  • Super-stretch goal: Begin the Time For Change challenge.
  • Deal with defective book returns.
  • Know how and when to find Meeting 2 pre-work (hint: will be posted tonight).


  • Name tags and attendance sheet.
  • Ice breaker: tell a crazy computer story.
  • What did you learn from the videos?
    • Lecture
    • Walk-throughs
  • What questions / confusions do you have?
  • Welcome tonight's guest instructor.
  • Coding!
    • First time here? Go follow the Meeting 0 notes.
    • Tackle the challenges from Problem Set 1.
    • Use the CS50 library function GetInt() for input.
    • Ask your peers questions when you get stuck.
    • Ask Google when your peers don't know.
    • Ask an instructor when you get stuck.
    • Don't stay stuck for more than 10 minutes without asking for help.
    • Validate your programs with check50

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