Meeting 2 pre-work

Please watch the following videos before Meeting 2. They will get you ready to tackle the Itsa Mario and Time for Change coding problems in class during Meeting 2.

There's about 75 minutes of required video here. If you want to watch more, there are some optional assignments as well to broaden or reinforce your knowledge.
  • (6 minutes) Watch the remaining 2 Walkthrough videos f2c and sizeof. They are pretty short, typically 2-4 minutes. You might try following along with your coding windows as he goes and typing these in yourself.

  • (45 minutes) Watch the following 4 videos from the "Week 1 > Section" playlist. The first one introduces a new concept that we didn't look at in GWC, but the final three should be fairly familiar from your work in Python or Javascript. The syntax is a little different, but the concepts should be review for you.

  • (25 minutes) Watch these 3 videos from the "Week 1 > Shorts" playlist. They will help you understand the mechanics of coding better, as well as clarify what's happening behind the scenes.
  • (Optional 18 minutes): Watch the video "Week 1 > Section > Command Line". Being comfortable at the command line will pay dividends down the road, though it is not necessary for quite a while.

  • (Optional 6 minutes): Watch the video "Week 1 > Section > Boolean Values". Note: It makes me very sad that you can't use the words true and false in standard C. Almost every other programming language I know lets you do that. Instead, C makes you use 0 for false and non-zero for true. I frequently write "#define true 1" and "#define false 0" at the top of my program to make up for this lamentable oversight.

  • (Optional 52 minutes)Watch all of "Week 1 lecture, continued" yet. Don't worry if you don't entirely understand the lectures -- come to class and ask questions.