Running Two Sections of Newton GWC

We had 37 students attend the December 5 Club meeting! Thirty-seven!! That's a lot of girls in one classroom. Thank you everyone who came and who worked through the chaos.

37 students is too many for that room, and too many for good discussions and good instructor-student interactions. But we'd hate to turn anybody away. So we're exploring the option of running two sections of GWC Newton, meeting on two different days. Please help us get this right by filling out the brief online survey at the bottom of this page. I've also included a few additional questions not related to the split.

Please note: David Miller will be instructing both sessions, so whether you stick with Friday or go for a different meeting date, you'll have an equivalent experience and an identical primary instructor. The co-instructors will likely be different for the two sessions.

In any event, the Dec. 12 club meeting will be in a single session at the usual time, Friday 4P-6P. Watch for more details about this soon.

It would be great if students could chat with their parents about schedules and then fill out the survey below. In case it doesn't show up, you can also access it directly at

Newton GWC Survey #1