Teen Coding Meetups

Note: this program was originally planned to run through May 2017, but was ended mid-February because of insufficient response. 

Please look elsewhere on our site for other ways you can get involved in coding.

Did you participate in Girls Who Code last year? Did you learn the basics of coding elsewhere and are now looking to extend your skill set while meeting like-minded teens in an informal environment? Keep on coding at our new series of Teen Coding Meetups at the Newton Free Library! These sessions grew out of the GWC program, but are open to any teen with an understanding of the core elements of coding: variables, conditionals, loops, and functions. Teens of all genders are welcome.

This is a drop-in activity, no registration is required. Come when you can!

There won't be any "Sage on Stage" style instruction, but the Newton GWC staff is happy to work with teens on any of the GWC Extended Activity Sets (http://www.newtongwc.org/activity-sets#extended), which have a lot of meat to them on many disparate subjects. Teens can also bring their own projects to the meetup and get feedback and help from staff and peers. We will have a limited number library computers for use, so please bring a laptop if you can. 

We meet from 2:30P - 4:30P on occasional Sunday afternoons, roughly every two weeks through February 5, 2017. All meetings are in the Newton Free Library on the first floor in Meeting Room A.


For more information, contact David Miller at Newton GWC (david@newtongwc.org) or Liz Rowland at the Newton Free Library (lrowland@minlib.net).