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AppInventor Android Apps


Our students made these apps using MIT's AppInventorEach folder contains:
Installing is easiest if you visit this page using a browser on your Android device. Then just navigate to the project folder you want and click on the .apk file. Once it's downloaded, open the .apk file on your phone to install the app. Your phone may ask you if you want to install apps from un-trusted sources (that's us). These apps were all made using AppInventor, and we think they are safe for us, but no guarantees. If you are worried, look at the code.



Newton GWC students: want to publish your app? Prepare a submission and upload it here!
First, develop a project in MIT's AppInventor. When you are ready to publish it, follow these steps:
  1. Create a folder on Google Drive to collect your project files. You can login using your account. Give your folder a name like "MyProjectName NewtonGWC submission"
  2. Update the sharing settings on your folder to allow
  3. Open your project in AppInventor
  4. Export the .aia file from AppInventor and save it on your computer (note that this is different from an .apk file -- look under the Project menu). Then upload it to your folder on GoogleDrive. 
  5. Create a new Google document named README inside your project folder on Drive. In it, write a short description of your project and what it doesThe README file should also list the first name and last initial of each of the authors. Do not publish your email or any other personal contact information.
  6. Finally, fill out this short form requesting that your project be published to this page.
The Newton GWC staff will review your code and your README for anything that shouldn't be published, then create a new .apk file from your code and post all three items in the Download section of this page. Be sure to leave your submission folder in place until you see your project appear in the Downloads section.
Happy Publishing! Have a kitten.