Meet the Team

Megan Coffey, Teen Librarian. Megan is here for her first year as a Newton GWC club advisor. Megan is the Teen Librarian at Newton Free Library, where she organizes a variety of programs for teens and tweens!

Anoush Mouradian, Volunteer Facilitator. Anoush is an Architect at Standish Management in Boston. She has been developing software for 18 years and had worked for different industries ranging from start-ups to academic institutions. Anoush lives in Newton with her husband and daughter. This is Anoush's first year facilitating at Newton GWC

Jean Chang, Volunteer Facilitator. Jean is a Computational Scientist at the Broad Institute. She earned her PhD in Genetics from UC San Francisco and brings 8 years of experience in bioinformatics and 10 years in information technology. Jean and her husband are parents to two Newton GWC alumnae. This is Jean's first year facilitating at Newton GWC.

Joseph Chou, Volunteer Facilitator. Joe is a newborn intensive care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital who for the last ~10 years has been using data science approaches to improve clinical care. He is also an unabashed geek who likes to apply programming to ridiculous projects, particularly if they blink a lot. Joe and his wife are parents to two Newton GWC alumnae.
Rebecca Gorelov, Volunteer Facilitator. Rebecca is a research associate at the Broad Institute, studying leukemia. She recently graduated from Williams College, where she majored in Biology and tutored middle schoolers in science and math. She lives in Boston with her two roommates. This will be her first year with Newton GWC, and she’s excited to get started!.
Reba Hatcher, Volunteer Facilitator. Reba works in Operations at ButcherBox, a company dedicated to making 100% grass-fed and locally-sourced meat more accessible to everyone. She is a recent graduate of Boston College, and she, too, is excited to start her Girls Who Code experience!
Sophia Franklin, Volunteer TA. Sophia is a junior at Newton North High School. She is an engineering build leader on the LigerBots (Newton's FRC Robotics Team), was a research intern at Beth Israel (Otolaryngology department), and is a Newton GWC alumni. Sophia lives in Newton with her family and dog.

Ella Fontenot, Volunteer TA. Ella Fontenot is a sophomore at Newton South High School where she is the TA for the honors computer science class and a team leader for Technovation. Ella has been coding for six years and has experience in multiple different languages. She is a Newton GWC alum and teaches sailing in the summers.

Raktim Sinha, Volunteer Facilitator (focused on Oak Hill Middle School GWC) Raktim is a Bioinformatics Software Engineer at Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research in Cambridge. He has been developing software for about 10 years in this area working in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Raktim lives in Newton with his wife and daughter.  This is Raktim's 3rd year with GWC. Raktim has spent the last 2 years with Newton GWC and currently focused on his new club at Oak Hill Middle School.
David Miller, Volunteer Facilitator (on Sabbatical). David was an instructor for the first 4 years of the club, but is on Sabbatical for the 2018-2019 club season. He currently works as a Software Engineer at Google, Inc. in Cambridge. David has 25 years of experience building technology, teaching math and science, and working with children. He lives in Newton with his wife and daughters.