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Section Swapping Policy

If two Coders (one in Tuesday and one in Friday) wish to swap sections for the full year, that is OK with us. However, we need a written request from a parent in each family explicitly naming both members of the swap  (email is fine).  Nothing fancy, just:

"Hi Newton GWC, We've agreed with {{parent X}} that {{child X}} and {{child Y}} are going to swap sections. {{Child X}} will now be in the {{such-and-such}} section, while {{child Y}} will now be in the {{so-and-so section}}. Yours Truly, {{parent Y}}"

Please send those requests to When we get a pair of matching requests we'll make the swap and send out a confirmation.

At the moment, each section is full, so we cannot make an unbalanced section change without a corresponding swap in the other direction.

Feel free to use the mailing list to announce that you're looking for a swap partner. Staff will not be able to mediate swap agreements beyond that.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions about this policy.